You Have Not Arived, Until You Are Sporting The Joe Martel Way of Life!

For all you Joe Martel fans out there, have we got the t-shirt for you. These are available at the Old School Boat School. Click here.

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  1. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    Heck no Matt, don’t let it go, let’s keep having a good laugh, why worry about the suggestions of a poster that won’t list his name? MUST be joe!
    John Rothert, in Va.

  2. pulnaway
    pulnaway says:

    i think more people than not think the martel jokes are funny. my kids read the woodyboater blog with me in the evenings when i get home from work. my kids are 6 and 9. i asked my 9yr old a couple weeks ago about a scratch on the hardwood floor. his answer was…it was either his brother or joe martel!

    scott in richmond va.

  3. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    Bingo Scott, ITS FUNNY….that’s ALL….
    Hey, we live 40 miles apart and I don’t know you?
    John in Va.

  4. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    gee anonymous you have zero sense of humor…or maybe just sense, period.
    come out of hiding and to a nearby ACBS event and I will teach you “who”.
    John in Va.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This is a good strategy for increasing membership in the antique and classic boating hobby. You trying to make people unwelcome, John? Or did your child write your last post?

    Matt, it would be nice if the posts had a little more context. Who is Joe Martel? What is Tahoe? Why does he not care about it?

    Lord knows you are a prolific writer with a tremendous knack for detail; how about sharing with those of us in “hiding” the details that make this so funny and such a part of the hobby?

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    John in Va, I am pretty sure there is more than one “anonymous” on this, because I only wrote the second “anonymous” comment. Matt has an anonymous option here for a reason.
    Chris in OR!

  7. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Kids,,, kids,,. OK Joe Martel is somebody that wrote an article in Classic Boating slamming folks in the hobby that like to use photos and research to do things right when restoring there boats. All that was fine I suppose, the deal was, Joe would not come out from behind his typewriter to let us know who he is. He is still a mystery. He is claimed to be very old and living in a home. Yet he knew enough to slam folks. So? From time to time, when needed, he pops up. Right now he is on the board of the Oldschool boat school, he is from time to time referenced when he appears… Un benonced to him, he has become a spoksman for all that is old and bitter… Take John R from Richmond… He is clearly a kin to Joe.. HA,,,

  8. pulnaway
    pulnaway says:

    what is it that upsets you about the joe martel jokes? if you take the jokes personal i’m not sure what to call you other than….joe martel! why get so upset about it? i’m not sure? my 9 yr old son obviosly thinks of joe martel as a ficticous charictor who does not take respocibility for his words or actions. the kid hit it right on the head! lets all play nice at matts house….he does not have to let us come over and play!
    john, i live in the west end and have a 20ft home built hacker built from original hacker plans from the mid 1920s. looks like a jr gold cup race boat.

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