Answers To Many Warner Auction Questions

We have been contacted here regarding rumors and issues regarding the big Warner collection. I have been hesitent in responding to many of the questions, frankly because I am not qualified to do so and did not want to continue the chain of rumors.. SO.. I did ask as many have..So here it is… From Dana Mecum himself.

Mecum Boat Auction Question & Answer Session
With President Dana Mecum

Q: Why is Todd Warner selling his boat collection? 
A: In an effort to raise capital to re-energize Mahogany Bay – Todd’s business that specializes in buying, selling and restoring wood boats – Todd has decided to auction his boat collection in order to continue his life commitment to the wooden boat industry.

Q: Is Todd Warner really selling all of the boats in his collection?  
A:Yes, with just a few exceptions. Since committing to the auction he has only added boats to the sale.

Q: Have this many wooden boats ever been sold before? 
A: Not in this fashion and to our knowledge.

Q: How is the auction being structured?
A: This is a no reserve auction, which means all of the boats will sell the day of the sale to the highest bidder. The seller cannot and will not bid on any of the boats.

Q: Why would he offer everything at “no reserve?”
A: Although some boats will sell at bargain prices due to the no reserve auction set up, Todd is confident that others will garner exciting bidding and high prices. Auctioning the Warner Collection brings dozens of vintage boats and products to market, helping bring the wood boat hobby into mainstream culture.

Q: Are the engines being removed from the boats and do bidders have to purchase them separately?
A: There is one engine that was removed from a boat that was never advertised and will not be sold at the auction. The engine is a Hispano Suiza. No other engines have been separated from their original boats.

Q: How are you going to sell the pallet items?
A: Various boat parts will be organized on pallets and available for inspection the day of and two days prior to the sale.

Q: How will the boats be shown to potential bidders?
A: The boats, engines, and parts will be sold on a large projection screen.

Q: What if I do not have a trailer but I purchase a boat at the sale?
A: Mecum Auctions will allow boats, engines and other Warner Collection items to be stored at the Winsted, Minn. auction site for 2 weeks following the sale, at no charge, to allow time for buyers to make transportation arrangements. All boats, engines and parts must be removed by November 1st and will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Quotes will be available on-site for local (seasonal) storage at alternate nearby facilities. A forklift will be available to load palletized lots and engines for up to two weeks after the sale.

Q: I heard there will be a printed catalog of the Warner Collection.
A: How could I get one of those even if I’m not planning to attend? These catalogs will make nice coffee table books for boat lovers, and will be given out to attendees who pre-register to bid by visiting

Q: Is there a fee to attend or register to bid at The Warner Collection Auction?
A: No

Q: How can I register to bid?
A: Go to for bidder registration forms that allow you to bid onsite, via phone or via the Internet. A deposit is required to bid if bidding via the internet or phone.

Q: Will the Warner boat auction be televised?
A: No, this event will not be televised but there will be streaming video live at

Q: How can I find out the sales prices of the boats after the auction?
A: Interested parties can visit and sign up for the company’s free InfoNet service to see lot-by-lot sales results.

Q: Will you accept my boat for sale in the Warner Collection Auction?
A: No, only boats that are part of Todd Warner’s Collection will be offered. If you’re interested in speaking with Mecum’s wooden boat specialist contact Scott Ales directly at or 407.257.5854.

Q: Can I promote my business or services while at the auction?
A: No. You may assist your customer while at the auction but not solicit new or unknown bidders at the location.

Q: Will I be able to board the boats to inspect them?
A: Only registered bidders will be permitted to board the boats. No tools will be permitted on board or near the lots.

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    OK, this is looking good. Tell my wife I need to go into the office, bid by phone and not have to face her ire for 2 weeks or longer when the boat arrives at our door. This is eminently doable. Seriously, this will be hard to watch as a bystander. Thanks for getting all that info.

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