Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.. A Peek Into The Warner Collection.

Oh, boy.. The teasers are now coming in from Minnesota..This image just came in with this comment.. “We’re here on the ground in Mn. And will have some pictures for you soon.  Over one hundred engines and TONS of parts! Absolutely something for everyone” Scott Ales

Please someone have mercy on me. I was thinking when I read this.. I will start an engine collection.. Oh god, I am so dead.. How will I get all those motors into the house without “her” noticing… mmmmm Honey I am home, did I mention how beutiful you look next to blue.. Chris Craft pre war engine paint blue.. The blockyness of these highlights your soft smooth curves.. Those spark plug wires contrast your golden hair and make .. Oh god.. I am so dead, and its months away.. 

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Personally I'd rather have that Allison V-12 in my living room than a bunch of relatives I only see twice a year. Think the wife will notice the coffee table has been replaced?

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