"The History Of America's Motor Boats Is Here" F.Todd Warner

Now that we can all get a peek at just part of the Warner Collection it is becoming clear that October in Minnesota will be a defining moment in the hobby of Antique & Classic boating. The list includes a roman numeral Chris craft… A Dodge Water car.. Completely original by the way.. down to the engine paint.. Lots of one of a kind racers.. Motors not on the list that are to DIE FOR! It just goes on and on…and on.. I spent about a half hour on the phone with Todd Warner and he is pumped about this.. Todd is a very.. VERY knowledgeable man about these boats.. In some cases these are his personal items that he hand picked and tucked away for a moment like now.. Todd has a point of view regarding his collection and the way he has gone about collecting for the past decades.. Purity, leave the dings, Dutchman and Patina.. “Those are the evidence of history and once they are restored over, that history is gone”. That in combination with one of a kind and rare boats. Makes this collection museum worthy.. Hell.. This is a museum.. A museum you will be able to walk through and buy.. And at NO RESERVE….. It will be sold..IN A BARN.. AHHHHHHH It doesn’t get any better! Now you say.. I will just watch on TV and bid.. That ain’t gonna happen Mr sit on your ass and eat Cheetos while you just watch pants…….. This event will be in a series of barns in the country outside of St Paul, web is also highly suspect.. So this is a live event and in a fun way.. A happening.. Our Woodstock! Mahoganystock!
So, how does one prepare? First go to the Mecum website here and fill out the proper documents.. Sell the crap car in the driveway that you aren’t using anymore, sell the house.. pimp out your kids, and go down to the blood bank and sell your blood. Forget the 401K you used that up last year trying to eat… Bring yourself ONLY.. No spouse! Unless you are John, then bring Kim..or better if you are Kim.. bring John….. Bring everything!
My personal feeling is that I won’t be able to compete for the top one of a kind boats, and to be honest shouldn’t.. My barn is not set up for that.. Big money collectors and Museums should rightfully own those.. But for me, that 25 foot Sportsman that will be near the end of the auction..Oh! All the money will be gone in the room.. And I will whip out my $5 bucks and BAM! I will have won a Sportsman for the price of a Big Mac!.. Wooohoooo! And then I will wake up! Hey, I can dream..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I'll be there with bells on…. that's all, just bells.

    Well, maybe a pair of modest speedo briefs. Dang, I'll need a pocket for the cell phone, and my wallet, the checkbook and rental car keys. OK, cargo pants will work. Then there's the boarding pass, and the hotel key. I'll need a shirt pocket for that. May as well wear the whole shirt. Oh, it will be crowded, the steel-toe shoes are a must. Dang! I may as well leave the bells at home then.

  2. patrick
    patrick says:

    Why does one auction off a collection like this in the fall? Wouldn't it make more sense to wait until spring?

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Texx, that's quite a boat. Wonder if the designer was influenced by the '55 Cobra by any chance.

    I was in a goofy mood yesterday, must have been something I had for breakfast (can't believe I wrote that!).

    As for spring vs fall, I'm not sure that it would matter for serious collectors. There may be more impulsive buyers in the spring on eBay and craigslist but I'm thinking there will be plenty of them present in October for this event.

  4. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    This was discussed extensively, what do people do when they buy a classic boat that is new to them? Ever tinkered with or worked on a boat over the winter? You'll still have a few weeks to enjoy your new purchase before the season ends then start making your plans for next year! You'll have all winter to become familiar with her and be more than ready for the entire year.

    In addition to that we here at Mecum Auctions have significant plans for next year. Stay tuned!

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