The Warner Collection. A No Reserve Feast Of Mahogany… This is Gonna Cost Me…..My Marriage!

We touched on this a tad yesterday and it has set of a spark… OK, a blow torch of interest. The rumors are flying. We are in touch with Mecum Auctions and are waiting for the details to be worked out. It feels like CNN here with all the interest. What we know for now is that it’s NO RESERVE… over 120 boats and other one of a kind stuff from the collection. Contracts have been signed and this is moving forward for October- 15-16… This will be the event of the year…hands down, or up with a paddle in them… And if you know this collection, the Warners know there stuff. And have lots of it. Mahogany Bay is a very well known and respected business in the hobby since 1974. Mecum Auctions are the right guys to handle this, the big question… or elephant in the room is.. What will this do to your value of your boat? No reserve means one could get a $125K 25 ft sportsman, lets just ..drrroool..say…..boat for $25K? Maybe.. if your the only one… So? Or the sale and excitement of the event could explode the market like Mecum did with the Riva last year.. And could be just what the hobby needs.. Exposure! Just when we all thought that the Riva Sale was a fluke.. Bam! This happens… Stay tuned and like CNN, we will be your Warner Collection Head quarters..We have a panel of experts and will talk about the boats and other one of a kind items.. We will also be there in person reporting live! I think cell phones work in Minnesota…

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  1. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Although it was roughly a decade and a half before my time in the hobby, I have read that the dispersal of the likely similar in scale Furth collection in the mid- 90's had the effect of depressing prioes. However – that was apparently done over some period of time. This will be over quick – wham it is gone. I am sure some dealers or flippers will be buying, but so will collectors. I don't know what he has to any great extent, but I think that a lot of it is real special, rare collectors type boats, not the kind of thing that the average enthusiast would be buying. I think it unlikely that this auction will add to the supply of U 22's or Resorters already on the market.

    These boats will be absorbed into the market at whatever price and it will be done instantly, so I doubt there will be much in the way of precedent or market-making. It is an unusual situation, and one not likely to be repeated and everbody will be there, including me. Hang on – should be highly interesting.

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