Woody Boater International Edition – The Most Famous Palomino In The World


The Warner Collection – Mecum No Reserve Auction is now history and what a fabulous, memorable day it was. Woody Boater is preparing a wrap up story on the big auction for Sunday morning, so stay tuned.

One of the many great stories to come out of the auction today is the story of what could be the most famous Century Palomino in the world. Today, with the help of Lou and Herb at Antique Boat Center, Fellow Woody Boater Phillip Andrews fulfilled his dream of one day owning an original 1956 16′ Century Palomino Runabout.

The International spin is because the Palomino will soon be delivered to Antique Boat Center in Cincinnati, Ohio where it will then be loaded into a 20 ft container and shipped off to Phillip in New Zealand.

Earlier today after learning on Woody Boater that Phillip was the new owner of the Palamino, Phillip sent us this comment…

Texx , I’ve been dreaming about that Palamino for over a year. Im still pinching myself that I’ve really got it. A dream come true. Firstly, Herb and Lou at Antique Boat THANK YOU. We will talk tomorrow. Todd, anytime you want to come over and see her you will always be welcome. Thank you for keeping her in such original condition for all these years.

Finally, Matt, Mr Woody Boater. How good are you! I’ve been up since 6.00am watching it all go down. I couldn’t get the live streaming via Mecum to work so apart from watching the sold stickers go on the boats on the Mecum site, you were my eyes on the prize. Brilliant continual updates all from an iphone! Incredible. In the lead up to the auction you put pictures of the Palamino up twice on the blog and I so wanted to call out QUIT DOING THAT. Dont tell anyone about her.

When Thunderballs sold it all seemed to go quiet I thought dang Iv’e missed it. Then one refresh click and there she is. Mine. I have chewed all my nails and drunk more tea than is good for me but Im thrilled. I have a Palamino to sit with my Arabian and Resorter.
Its 2.30 Sunday afternoon here. Is that too early for Champagne


So before we left the auction tonight, we thought it would be a good idea to go back and take few more shots of the Palomino and send them to Phil. After all, it will be a while before he gets to see his new boat in person and we all know what it’s like to buy something like this and have to wait for (what seems like) ever to actually see it. We hope that the photos will help Phil see the boat like we were able to see it today.

From 1955 to 1957 Century Palomino’s were manufactured using Philippine Mahogany – Phillip’s new Philippine Palomino…

Then when we arrived back to the hotel from the auction, we thought… “Why not do a story on it so everyone can share in the experience with Phillip on what could be the most famous Palomino in the world?”

Check out those cool period correct, matching floor mats, steering wheel and controls.

Phillip, we will be expecting a full report on your new boat after it arrives at it’s new home in New Zealand. By then it will be summer down under and we will definitely need an Woody Boater fix. Thanks again to Antique Boat Center.


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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Someone needs to get a couple of those baby moon hubcaps for the gator trailer, or is it a Tee Nee?

  2. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Wow – what a great story. I knew Lou was on this but had not idea where it was going. I agree with Texx and Matt – super story. Not only is it the most famous Palomino in the world, I think it is also likely the best. We all loved it and it was a very popular piece at the auction. The originality and documenation is captivating. Congrats on the buy, and you'll have her just in time for summer!

    Now it is time for the 1950km. drive home……winter awaits. How sad.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks for the story and the extra shots of the Palamino matt and Texx. I will send pictures and a story tracking her journey to me down here in New Zealand. I'd better clear some space in the garage.

  4. Forrest
    Forrest says:

    What kind of trailer is that? I have one that is very very similar that is registered as "homebuilt"…

  5. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson says:

    My husband, Mike Johnson, bought this Palomino from the widow of the original owner around 1994. He sold it in 2000 to someone in Minnesota. He loved wooden boats and thought this one was just so unique. Sadly he died in 2002 but I know he must have on a big smile in heaven to know that his boat is now so famous. Thank you for loving this boat.

    Barbara Johnson

    • Philip Andrew
      Philip Andrew says:

      Hi Barbara, Texx has just tipped me off that you had written a comment about the Palamino. I have been trying to reach you but hadnt been able to find you, Now here you are! How wonderful.Would you mind sending me your email address through Reg or Mat at Woody Boater and we can communicate.
      If you search the site you will see another story on the boat arriving into my care down here in NZ. I even found a picture in a 1994 issue of Classic Boating showing the boat when Mike owned it. I hope we can chat.

      My warm regards,

  6. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson says:

    Hi Phil,
    I have been trying all weekend to remember what I can about the Palomino. Mike was a stickler for authenticity and he even found someone to reproduce the Century flag which must have been missing or in poor condition when he bought the boat. The original owner was only 17 when he bought it and Mike bought it from his widow. I think Mike also had some replating down on the headlight and possibly some of the trim. He wanted it to look like new and I remember him working on the motor–he was very skilled at motor repair and this was a labor of love.
    I’m trying to find out if it ever won any rewards at the boat shows Mike took it to. His brother Jeff would know and I’ll get ahold of him. I’m so glad this dream of yours came true and Mike wouldn’t have had it any other way.It is in the best of hands and I hope it brings you as much joy as it did to Mike. I feel like a part of Mike will live on through this boat and that makes me happy.

    With much appreciation and warm regards,

    Barbara Johnson


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