Welcome to The Sons Of Varnish Headquarters. We are a loose group of folks that love classic WoodyBoats and using the crap out of them. We like working on them, hearing them, smelling them, and slow afternoon rides. We are not a Society. We are the opposite. We are always ready for a joke, a helping hand, and sharing the shirts of our backs. LITERALLY. We are a brotherhood, sisterhood, and if there is a third hood. We are cool with that. You like the smell of varnish? That’s the sticky-ness that holds us together. No dues, no rules.. yet.. okay, no selling guns, prostitutes, or drugs. Boats are okay..

Do you want to start a chapter in your area? Want to belong to an current one? It’s free..ish. But has a twist to belong.

1. I want to start a chapter! Great, first thing, it’s a way for you to make money for your chapter. We will make you 50 shirts with your chapter name, you buy them at our cost, and sell them for your cost. The profit goes to your club. It’s a sort of donation, fund raiser from us to you. Then let me know. Matt@woodyboater.com

2. Membership is a shirt. No shirt? No membership. How do you get a shirt? Your chapter leader will have one for you. As a gift, invite etc. You don’t pay for it. It’s handed to you. Then you buy one to gift to the next and so on. This is why we need around 10 to start. The more the better. Shirts will have a CHAPTER LOCATION on them. You can imagine the logistics.

3. Want to belong but no one has invited you? First.. have you showered in the past… well lets say.. Month? 2 weeks is still okay. Anything longer and you have issues. You can be VP of the chapter.. All kidding aside, email me and I will flip you over to the chapter President. And below as Chapters grow there will be a contact page. We only have two Chapters as of now.

4. That’s it. except this stuff:


For the record. We here at WoodyBoater are not responsible for your stupidity, negligence, drinking, sinking, blowing up, or being towed in. THAT’S ON YOU. And let’s admit it, it’s a fun part of our passion. Until someone gets hurt. That’s on you or the idiot that hits you at an event.


1. WISCONSIN – Contact Steve Bunda – AntiqueWoodBoat@gmail.com

2. NORTHERN NECK VA – Matt@WoodyBoater.com

3. LAKE DORA FLA – See me at the tent!

4. MAINE – Contact Troy – tkhersom@gmail.com

5. UPSTATE NY – Contact M-Fine – mfine@m-fine.com

6. LAS VEGAS  – Contact – Steve Hanst – SteveHanst@earthlink.net

7. LONG ISLAND NY – Contact – Rick – Rkgam@optonline.net

8. INDIANA – Contact – David Shepler – dshepler@sheplerconstruction.com

9. SOUTH AFRICA – Contact – Cameron Searle – cameron.searle@gmail.com

10. NEW ZEALAND – Contact – Phil Andrew – enquiries@thegatehouse.co.nz

11. NEW JERSEY – Contact- Bob Kays – 57relax@gmail.com