Ahoy Classic and vintage boat lovers.

Welcome to Woody Blog. Participate in classic wood boat conversation, share your opinion on all things relating to classic and antique boats. We are working on the web site as we blog. Much of the site will contain information gathered here. Such as . Great Woody boats we have owned. Great locations to enjoy woody boats … Repair tips. Places to get parts and repairs when its all to much. We are also working with Wineo sign company. A unique company that uses old school lettering in a high tech way. In other words the best of both worlds. Kaptian Krunch.. Yes… has over 40 years experience in the hand letting world and has developed a way to take that letting and send it to you in gold leaf.. You apply it and Varnish it. Its great. As to me. I own 6 woody’s and am always looking and selling to keep the fun alive. Its more learning and understanding than using. This is quickly becomeing a lost way of life. All the orig workers and builders are retired and have moved on. There is a handful of folks still around and eager to share there wisdom. That is why we are here. To give a voice to such folks. Thanks for participating, your words and thoughts are omportent… Thanks.. Woody Boater

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Hey Matt, This is a message from the future. You’re going to be more successful with this blog than you ever imagined. Unfortunately your spelling only get worse. As far as marketing goes, think T-Shirts.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Smith. My name is Alex. I just bought my first classic boat (next year, as soon as I find it). Meanwhile, I know things look rosy with the economy, but I have a hunch this housing thing is a big bubble and will crash big time. You might want to sell everything you own, and short A-rated Credit Default Swaps and housing stocks, like Pulte. You might also want to exit the stocks you currently have, take the cash from the sales, and buy US Treasuries. I think they’re paying about 5% or so. I know you don’t know me, but as a soon-to-be fellow classic boater, I feel a sense of eventual kinship.

    PS. You might also want to sell your house now. It’s just possible its value will not keep climbing at 15% per year into infinity. Just a hunch.

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      Yeah…all that and you should buy a Century Arabian. My psychic said there will be a great “shootout” or something in the future and an Arabian will beat an XK. Buy one now while prices are still low.

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