Are You A Gas Half Full Or Gas Half Empty Person?

You can tell a lot about a person if you watch how they keep there gas tanks filled. It’s the little details that tell us about people more than the big things. For example, if you always drain your tank to the last drop, that tells me that you like taking risks, hate stopping for anything, think for the moment, were as a person that fills up on half tank is more likely nervous about the future and likes patterns and rhythm. Not that one is bad or good. Its all part of our make up. Myers Briggs has a fun test on this. I my self fall into the 1/4 tank range.

Now with fuel jumping everyday, I have found my self filling closer to half. This all made me think, what else does all this filling up have to say about us. Well, according to the news, we are all going bankrupt, loosing our homes and start riding our bikes to work. They clearly know that by telling us that our gas tanks are half empty, we will tune in. The problem with that, is that they are distorting things. Yes gas has gone up, yes my home has gone down. But I am still better off than my dad, I am still better off as an American than most of the world. My wife is still smok’n hot, my kids make me proud every day, and just for an extra 30 bucks I can enjoy my classic boat. Some folks play golf, race cars, drink to much, what ever. We all need a diversion. Mine lies in a can of varnish…. a half full can…

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    A great idea to provide the three links to old stories at the bottom. I found this one, not knowing what I would find, and found s little inspiration. Thankyou WoodyBoater for testifing.

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