Biggest Balls Winner David Konick Is Looking For Some Fishing Buddies To Go Fishing Monday!

Computer model of what your fun day fishing might look like!

According to “Computer”models, we here in the Mid Atlantic are all going to be covered in water. A Perfect storm of sorts, one like has never been seen before in the history of computer models. One could look at this all in terror, with our eyes glued to the TV news and there advertisers. OR, you can look at lots of water as a glass more than half full way. David is a full glass kind a guy. Bigger water, means bigger fish! The trusty Sea Skiff, is a boat after all. Performs better on the water than in a garage unless it’s on the water IN the garage. Heck the Navy is taking there boats out in the water.. What could go wrong in a 22 ft Sea Skiff. Ya, it might get a tad rough, but you my old friend will get all the fish. Defiantly standing on your bow with the bow line in your hands screaming and laughing at the wind! Fishing poles out trolling for the big one out there. Flying about in 20 ft waves. YEOW!  Go David, Go! We will all talk about how much we miss you at your memorial service. Below is the email I got from David last night. Maybe he was just kidding?

David enjoys fishing and rough water!

“Will relaunch on Sunday afternoon so I can fish on Monday — wanna go?”

Coastal Waters From Fenwick Island De To Chincoteague Va Out To 20 Nm-

Small Craft Advisory in effect through Saturday afternoon
Gale watch in effect from Saturday evening through Sunday morning

E winds 15 kt. Seas 5 to 6 ft with a dominant period of 9 seconds. Isolated showers early in the evening.

NE winds 15 to 20 kt…increasing to 20 to 25 kt with gusts to around 30 kt in the afternoon. Seas 6 to 7 ft…building to 7 to 9 ft. A dominant period of 10 seconds. A slight chance of rain in the morning…then a chance of rain in the afternoon.

Sat Night
NE winds 20 to 25 kt…increasing to 25 to 30 kt after midnight. Gusts up to 40 kt. Seas 9 to 12 ft. Rain.

NE winds 30 to 35 kt…increasing to 35 to 40 kt in the afternoon. Seas 12 to 15 ft…building to 14 to 19 ft. Rain.

Sun Night
N winds 40 to 45 kt with gusts to around 50 kt. Seas 15 to 20 ft. Rain.

N winds 40 to 45 kt with gusts to around 55 kt. Seas 14 to 19 ft. Rain.

Mon Night
NW winds 40 to 45 kt with gusts to around 55 kt. Seas 13 to 18 ft…subsiding to 13 to 16 ft late. Rain likely.


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  1. Allen
    Allen says:

    I grew up in Delaware and around Indian River where he goes out and most of us are a little crazy and love the water…wind surfers out yesterday and this morning already my son called me about……hang on to your hats guys……maybe its the salt water in our veins…….

  2. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    I was thinking of renaming Betsy The Andrea Gale and come up thr river to pick you and John up, Matt?????

  3. matt
    matt says:

    What could possibly go wrong? I got a big generator, finely forked out the big bucks. So we are now guaranteed no problems. It will sit in its box until the next time I dont need it.

  4. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Frankenstorm = FrankenFish, what shall we use for bait?
    Pick my sister-in-law up, she is visiting in Baltimore, just tell her you are going shopping….

  5. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Matt “in a box” that doesn’t sound like a WHOLE HOUSE genarator to me.
    After that last seven day cluster &*^*& I retired my 10,00o kw to the workshop. My new one came in last month on a flat bed with a crane to unload it. 4’x8’x8′ with a 145 gal. desil day tank under it ( 60KW). Now that’s a WHOLE HOUSE gen. Let’er come, I’ll be the SOB swinging from the ajacent small plum tree reinacting LT. Dan when she hit’s (IS THAT ALL YA GOT!!!!!!)

    David if you want we could do that 36 hr mako trip Monday, that would liven up drift fishing:)

    OOPS did I just open my house to anyone within driving distance?????????????
    I new somehow I’d make that gen. work getting me tha new boat, AH (trailers for room or rent):):):)

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    It’s amazing how many freinds you have after a storm when you have a generator, or how many extension cords the neighbors can sneek over your fence when you’re not looking and get plugged into the outdoor sockets! Gee honey all our next door neighbors have lights yet I only hear our generator running.

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