Breaking News – Don Ploetner Sr. Converts All His Award Winning Boats To Left Hand Drive!

Fortunatly Dons Higgins was already Left hand Drive!

In a stunning move today Don Sr (as he is referred to by fellow Woody Boaters) today issued a request to Katz’s Marina to convert all his boats to left hand drive. Stunning all the Classic Boat hobby. Don Sr had surgery recently to fix a bad Rotator Cuff on his Right Arm.. He has decided that his left arm will carry the burden of steering now..Don Sr vows to never need that surgery again! ” They did not fix it with NOS material.. I hope its not plastic.”

The Ploetners boats are some of the top boats in the country winning almost every shows top honors. Originality is key to the Ploetner success. And now this. “I am not sure if the sport of show boats can handle this, but I wish him well” claims Mike Mayor of Lake Oswago Boat Works and board member of the ACBS. Lake Tahoe judge, Reg Down of Canada says. ” I wish Don Sr a speedy recovery… the good news is that there killer Higgins Foxy lady is already Left hand drive.. Thanks god.. , the Ploetners boats are amazing and in many cases used as examples of how other boats should be restored. This could have long term effects on the hobby.”  Dennis Ryan of The Antique Boat Center says. ” Dear god! now what?  I can’t sell a left hand boat that was originaly right hand…… I’m good at it, but not that good. I wish him a fast return to the hobby ” Don Ayers from the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club said. “I wish him well, and I have never seen a photo of such a thing, I will need to dig through the files…” Carla from hagerty said, “I hope his health insurance covered that”…..Joe Martel is quoted as saying..” those original Rotator cuffs loose 70% of there strength over the years, he recommends replacing them with 5200.. It’s no surprise that he had to have it… Don Jr is quoted. “He ain’t touching my new Capri Miss Hopatcong.. No sir. That needs to start showing in a week!”

Of course all these quotes are made up by us here at Woody Boater…. Don Sr and Jr have a great sense of humor and are pillars of the Classic Boat Community. We here at Woody Boater wish Don Sr a speedy successful recovery, and pray that he can drive his beautiful collection from either arm shortly.. You can send him a get well by hitting comment!

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  1. James
    James says:

    ….hmmm; Riva’s have always been left-hand drive; wonder if Carlo Riva had the same surgery all those years ago……speedy recovery Mr. Ploetner, Sr.!

    • anonymous
      anonymous says:

      Rumor is that Chris Smith experimented with a pod type drive in the early 20’s. So it could be considered period correct.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Funny, I would have converted them all to starboard side drive like god intended. The port side steering in the pre-wars and Rivas is the work of the devil I tell ya!

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    Get well soon Don Sr so you can get back out there doing what you enjoy, your boats need you. During your recovery you may have to give up the Captains seat to Don Jr – temporarily of course…

  4. Bo
    Bo says:

    The simple answer is to just own pre-war runabouts. They are all left hand drive. Forget that modern stuff.

  5. Bill hammond
    Bill hammond says:

    My ’60 Connie is left hand Piloted. Always has been. Center steering! Now that’s the hard one to get used to!

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