Breaking News – Hagerty Names 2014 Hall Of Fame Inductees!

Our pal and fellow Woody Boater Charles Mistele at the helm of Miss America IX.. Now that is a hat!

Our pal and fellow Woody Boater Charles Mistele at the helm of Miss America IX.. Now that is a hat!

We interrupt part two of the Pacific Northwest ACBS Story for some humbling news. To Quote the news from the Hagerty website, “The Hagerty Marine Hall of Fame was created in 2009 to honor the people and organizations that have made profound, positive contributions to the classic and collector boat lifestyle.” The Class of 2014 includes our pal and fellow Woody Boater Charles Mistele. Charles and Diane are amazing folks and share Miss America IX and good karma to the entire country. And to top it off one of the most generous couples on the planet! Here is there story.

Charles Mistele 4 - w Diane

Charles Mistele and Diane the dynamic duo spreads the joy of Classic boating!

Also inducted is the Lyman Boat Owners Association they deserve all the credit they deserve, they are very active and have gone a long way to keep the attention on how cool Lymans are. Keeping a club going is not easy these days and these folks do it very well. You can read there story here.

Another stunning Lyman sunset!

Another stunning Lyman sunset!

And then.. One of the most prestigious awards in the passion of classic boating goes to…  some idiot that can’t spell.

Yup, thats me! On board of "Miss Step" The amazing Katzs Marina Step Hydro.

Yup, that’s me! On board of my good friend Seth’s “Miss Step” The amazing Katzs Marina Step Hydro.

Yup, this isn’t a typo… or photo shopped picture..  That’s right.. us, the royal us.. Although I am being inducted, it’s Texx and the gang here that makes it happen. It feels strange to take credit for all you do to help this small community thrive…..OK OK, to be honest, this is very hard to write. I woke up to an email from Texx congratulating me, we had another story set to go and I have been trying to write this since 5AM…I thought it would be easy. But how in the H-E-Double Hocky Sticks  does someone write about an honor bestod on them. ( How ever bestoad is spelled?) Woody Boater is all about you, not me.Your comments and stories make it happen. All we are here is a door way into the wonderful lifestyle we all live.. So I will keep it short so you can eat your chicken dinner. And just say, humbly , Thank you all for letting Texx and I do this every day! It’s a deep honor to be recognized.

You can read what Hagerty says HERE.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Congrats to all of you!

    Matt we know there are a lot of people behind you, but you are the force behind the Blog and it is well deserved for your effort and foresight that has given us all a place to come together and Sniff the Varnish.


      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Congrats Matt, you’re going to need a bigger mantel over the fireplace for all your awards! Also how much nitrous did you have to pump into Suzy to so soundly rout Miss America IX in the header? I mean Miss America IX drifts faster with her engine off than Panther at WOT.

  2. mike k
    mike k says:

    well deserved guys!

    on another note, did anyone else watch chasing classic cars last night? wayne carini was driving a big woody with a 1000hp engine (i think it was a hacker sedan, but others would know better) also showed a cobra (non cadillac) and others at the wheels and keels show in texas.

  3. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Hey Matt, Texx and the gang! WOO-HOO! As my gym teacher one said “Education is important but big biceps are more importanter!” The heck with spelling! And to the Lyman club in my own back yard, super cool. Diane, for making Charlie look good. Is it me or does Matt look a little bit like Jo Walsh in that boat? I gues I should get my glasses.

  4. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    well put the plug in the boat its going to be a good week. congratulations to all. Matt and Texx, dont know how you find the time and energy 365 days a year. its a beautiful sunny day here in skan…….sp, come on down and get your bottoms wet.if you didnt bring a boat i will blow your hat have.

    • matt
      matt says:

      HA, yes Don i have instructed my family to no longer refer to me as DD, or Matt, I am now to be referred to as “Hall of fame inductee, Dad”, or Matt.. So, its Hall of fame inductee Matt would you please pass the ketchup? Or Hey Hall of fame inductee dad, can I have some money..

      • don vogt
        don vogt says:

        we could just shorten it to HOFI. Or I like Commodore HOFI better! The only official i can think of relating to a Hall is a monitor. So maybe its Monitor HOFI?

        Any way, it is a well deserved honor.

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I have not a clue what sort of toad a “bestoad” is but as to the honor….well deserved!!! Congrats.

    John in Va.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Maybe a Bespoke Toad, A VERY well dressed frog type only found in the Seville Row area of England. Not sure why Matt and Texx would want one.

  6. Dan "Tall Paul" Buckingham
    Dan "Tall Paul" Buckingham says:

    You guys are awesome and deserve it. The one thing I’m sure to look at every day. “Bestoad” made me laugh out loud…

  7. Wilson
    Wilson says:


    Congratulations…I know the feeling of receiving the award for the work of many when I was allowed to accept last year’s award for the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club….You, Texx and the gang deserve the recognition as does Chuck and the Lyman Club…It should be a fun night in Skaneattles when the awards are presented….Again Congratulations to all !

  8. Carla
    Carla says:

    On my way to Skaneateles now, and very excited to present Matt, Charles and Mike Lloyd from LBOA with our token of appreciation for making such a difference in our classic boat world! You are all so special! THANK YOU!! Matt, I promise not to embarrass you (much) Saturday evening! See ya all soon!

  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The honor bestowed on Hofi and Texx for WoodyBoater is great, well deserved and appropriate! The 2014 inductees are all deserving and we can’t thank them enough for the things they do in supporting this hobby/passion/addiction we all share!

    Carla – Make sure someone gets a video of your presentation to Hofi – I suspect it will be memorable… 😉

  10. Ron
    Ron says:

    Another WOO-HOO! from me!
    Thanks for what you guys do!
    Matt, being married to this for seven years, hope you aren’t you getting the 7 year itch….

  11. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Congrats Matt! You’ve caused more wooden boat “saves” with WoodyBoaterCom than anyone could have singly.

    Now back to the bacon.
    Bob B

    ps. “Way to go Carla!”

  12. reddog
    reddog says:

    Congratulations to ALL the 2014 inductees. I looked at my computer at 5:45am and today’s new story was already posted. And I have seen stories posted much earlier(4:15 – 4:30am). Thanks

  13. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Wow Matt and Lymans in the same category! I live for Lymans, 103 feet of them, I guess I must live fot Matt and Texx and Alex and Troy and Captain Grumpy and Andreas and the rest (forgive me if I did not mention you by name). Long live lapstrake love and Lymaniacs and Woodyboater. Thank you. River Rat

  14. Alex
    Alex says:

    Please add my congratulations!

    And my public apology to Carla at Hagerty for not delivering to her, in time for this, the photo I took of Charles in Tavares a few years back. No excuse.

  15. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    Congrats,, if people like you folks didn’t do this it would be lost in social media,,I don’t think you realize how many people this sight effects,,we all do appreciate all the effort that goes in to it for all the boating world,well deserved, Thank you Bill

  16. TommyHolm
    TommyHolm says:

    Next thing ,Pete Rose in the HOF! How did this happen! What cap will he where? Stupid Question. I will Rember him back when he hung with the little people, those varnished not bronzed. When will the statue go up in Algonac? When will this end, when will this end? Oh my 😉

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