Dam The Torpedoes, We’re Going Fishing! Wait,They’re Torpedoes?

How does he get these shots?

How does he get these shots?

Thanks to looong time fellow Woody Boater David Konick, our three time biggest balls winner, we have some fun fishing shots from out on the Atlantic Ocean in his Sea Skiff. David loves.. LOVEs to take his trusty Dea Skiff out about 30 miles on the Atlantc to chase fish. Out where blue beard use to fish, and Nazi U boats fished for American tankers….

Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean

Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean

For some of you this may seem odd to head out in October, but this is the best time to boat in the Mid Atlantic. The best part of Davids trips.. he takes photos! Wooohoooo, Go David GO!

False albacore, sea bass, flounder (limited out per instructions) a "cadillac" croaker (well, a LaSalle at least) and a bluefish.

False albacore, sea bass, flounder (limited out per instructions) a “cadillac” croaker (well, a LaSalle at least) and a bluefish.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I nominate David for the Hagerty Hall of Fame! This guy is beyond amazing. He is an inspiration, and puts the “user boat” term into a whole new league.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Ugh.. Alright lets all get the puns out of the way.. I wait for them with baited breath… don’t make a bass out of yourself….

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    An excellent example of the trust and confidence delivered by a trusty “K” engine.

    …if it ever did break down, Dave would just lasso a great white and force him to tow the boat back to shore.

  4. brian t
    brian t says:

    Just wow and crazy.

    If David’s engine were to crap out on him, he could just finish the job and row over to England (since he is about half way there anyways) and set a new World Record! He catches enough fish so he would not go hungry. The only real worry would be having enough beer on board.

    Matt – is the jury still out on renaming Mr Leazenby or are you waiting for more entries or has he not signed on/off with one??!

    I take an size XL if that helps out in any way….. (ha)

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks — yesterday I fished “inshore” — was only out about 25 miles! It was so flat out there, you could’ve gone in a Lyman or a Century,no sweat.

    Yes Folks, it has an original “K”. Have any of you ever tried to paddle a Sea Skiff? It ain’t easy. You call Tow-Boat USA.

    How do you get those pictures? You take off your pants and shirt and jump overboard.

    And hey — what is this BBOTY award winner “THREE years in a row, “I thought I was up to four or five? Did I lose some balls or did I lose some years? Who won it the other years?

  6. brian t
    brian t says:


    By the way, have you seen this guy out there by chance ?

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      P.S. Where I jumped in for a swim and to take that picture was only about 15 miles offshore.

      Hey Matt, what is with all these math questions every time? What if people on here can’t do arithmetic any better than you can spell “Atlantic” or “Sea Skiff”?

      I think it is a discriminatory policy. Couldn’t you at least make it multiple guess?


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