Hey, It’s A Full Moon, Lets Go Fishing 30 Miles Out Into The Atlantic!


What could possibly go wrong? Biggest Balls Winner David Konick and his VERY trusty Sea Skiff took full advantage of the full Super Moon and headed out deep into..onto…on the Atlantic off Ocean City this past Sunday and from the photos.. Well worth it.



A screen grab of Davids trip

A screen grab of Davids trip



I was “only” 30 miles offshore yesterday at the  famous lobster pots where I got the dolphin in the picture and then lost another one about once and a half as big after a 20 minute battle.  I was by myself, had him right up to the boat, put the rod in the holder and got the gaff — he ducked under the boat and when the leader wire hit the skeg, it popped, so he will live to fight another day.



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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Is that a little rubber shark on the hatch in the moonlit picture? This man deserves a woody boater T-shirt with him and his trusty sea skiff on it or a shark under a sea skiff. What ever I want a T-shirt with a sea skiff on it and a dolphin on it or something. I need some coffee.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    How much fuel does the skiff drink during a trip like that? I couldn’t make the 30 miles out let alone the far more important 30 miles back!

  3. Bradley
    Bradley says:

    David Konick is a man among men in my book! Or is he just among his boat and a couple of dolphins? Lots of guts and experience I guess. Mahi-Mahi on the grill tonight!!

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Interesting part, is this doesn’t seem to be a singular illustration of David’s trips….I gather he does this all the time in his trusty skiff. I’ve seen pictures of some pretty big catches. And if he does this out in the ocean, I don’t want to be on the other side when he is in the courtroom.

  5. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hey Fellow Woody Boaters!

    Thanks Matt and the rest of you for all your kind words. Yes, that is my little mascot on the front hatch. This way, the sharks know to leave us alone! The boat is up in Fenwick Island, DE, so it is about 9 miles down the bay to the inlet. (first couple of pictures). Then I usually run offshore about
    an hour or so, 15-18 miles depending on sea conditions.
    Then I start trolling @ 6-7 knots so in an hour or two I am
    25-30 miles offshore. At about 2250, the K burns about 6 gallons an hour. Trolling I am not sure, but obviously less than that. Then I troll back in to 15-20 mi offshore and run the rest of the way. When I rebuilt the boat, it needed a new gas tank anyhow, and there was extra space, so I made it the same diameter only a foot longer on each end. This added 10 gallons extra capacity or 40 gallons total. On this trip, I was about 2 gallons light when I left, and came back with a little over a quarter tank, so I burned about 28 gallons.
    I carry a spare plastic tank of two gallons. If I am going way offshore, I carry an additional five and put it in the tank when
    I start trolling in the morning.

    It has been a good summer for dolphin (= dorado = mahi) fishing.

    My shirt size is medium!

    Tight lines, everybody, Dave

  6. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Another great day for Dave!

    Say…how about hosting an all-seafood grill-out night on your dock for us WoodyBoaters, Dave?

    You catch the fish, we’ll potluck the rest of it, BYOB, and anyone that brings you a donation of gasoline in a 2-gallon red plastic can qualifies for a moonlit Konick thrill ride?

    I’m in…anyone else? 🙂

  7. Dave
    Dave says:

    Yeah Grant, sure, but I never promise fish to anyone, it’s a jinx. The only more worser thing is bringing bananas on the boat during a fishing trip!

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    I remember as a kid (60’s) we would spend the winters at our duplex in Marathon in the Florida Keys. Dad had a 17′ Penn Yan lapstrake that we would take into the ocean and troll for Kings.

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