I Am Bi-Boatual! There I Have Come Out Of The Hatch…Deal With It…

Recently I have received emails asking what I was going to do with Woody Boater since I am now into Cruisers? I did not realize that liking Cruisers meant I no longer liked smaller boats. They are wood, have the same flat heads and are constructed in the same 6 year life expectancy. All the same issues only on a grand scale. Makes owning a U22 seem easy… So I thought I would set the record straight. I am a cruiser lover! And a speed boat lover… utility lover…. Fiberclassics….. and are you sitting down….. Aluminum boats… YES! I have been known to even go out on a plastic boat then only to turn around and smear all that plastic sweat on the seats of a nice planked 15 coat of varnish woody.. So there. it’s out in the open.. A cool Feather Craft gets me hot..


Del VanEmmeriks amazing restoration of a very rare Larson with an outboard cover.

And yes even a Lake’n Sink.. Texx’s Lake’n Sea is about the coolest boat out there.

Texx’s Lake’n Sea “Casper” is one of the featured boats at this weekends Tahoe Show….

Even some of those crazy looking James Bond looking things at the shows

If it’s old, cool and stinks like gas, I love it. Do I like the New Sea Rays. NO, Jet Ski’s.. NO… anything made to just float.. NO… but if it was hand designed and has a passion behind it. YES…. The New Rivas are amazing… They still get it.. That new Chris Craft Silver Bullet.. All cool..

This Very Cool Saetta has wood inlay and very very cool windshields.

Those generic pieces of crap that take up space on the water. NO.. Pontoon boats.. Surprisingly Yes… Hey! Try one… They are the dumbest looking things out there. BUT dang.. there is nothing more fun then being on one with some pals at a boat show…. YOU MUST also have a Woody though to own one. Then it’s OK. So that’s where I stand. I love Woody Boats the most to be honest. They are the icon of the hobby. But what makes this hobby more fun than any other is that random find in the woods of a boat that looks like a car. Or finding a pink plastic speed boat on eBay.. An Aluminum bullet with varnished wood trim and red accents with a cool Merc motor… That’s what its all about. And if you don’t like what I am saying here… Well you know what you can do… Yes… Watch This..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    After reading your blog this morning, I am even more convinced that you and are think very much alike. I am a guy that grew up in the 60's on wood boats, still love the look smell and feel of my '47 CC Deluxe Runabout, but also enjoy towing skiers with my 1985 Ski Nautique and having a cold one with friends out on my pontoon boat. You and I can talk mor about all these things when I met you in Algonac in ll days

    Greg Lewandowski

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    One of our Ole' Boys Boat Club guys has a Sea Ray that you may approve of. It's a 1962, 19' model, so it's a real classicglass. That's about the time that Sea Ray started building boats from what I hear.

    I'm with you, WoodyBoater, I love most all of the classics, including Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, even some rubber ones (I wonder if anyone has ever built one with concrete). There's even a Chris-Craft House Boat a few marinas down that's sort of cool. Oh, and the pontoon boats, maybe the most practical boat design of all.


  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Matt- I have 3 mahagony classics, a Mullins galvanized metal boat, a cedar lapstrake Peterborough, a restored fiberglass '65 Glastron, and my newest "regular" boat is a '73 16' Hourston Glas Craft for knock about use. Yezs, I also have a pontoon – a 2002 27' Harris Kayot Crowne with a Merc 225 on the back. Say wha you want about pontoons being fugly, but they are very easy to use and a great way to spend the day on the water, especially with a tailgater. Mine has nearly 500 hours on it, even with all the other stuff I have available.

    What I don't like are the everyday, wannabe ski and board boats with the juvenile deliquent style graphics. Bunch of posers and they all look the same.

    I even like the cigarette boats, as though they are loud, they do come by that sound honestly,through real power. That is rather unlike those similarly loud sources of noice pollution – wimpy Harley's that you can hear miles away and pass with a Vespa.

    I like most baots, and am usually just pleased to see people enjoying the water. I won't have a cruiser because, though our lake is very large, you can't "cruise" anywhere. If I was on a large river system or the coast, I would love one. I need a nice lapstrake – 24' or 25' and I should be good.


  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    WHAT??? You don't like my little sister, Pumpkin, a 1972 Chris Craft XK-18 Ski Jet???? If I knew how, I would post a sexy picture for you and change your mind!


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