It’s Unanimous, “Salter Watson” Wins 2015 Last Gasp Of the Year Award


Salter sure loves the family Sportsman!

This years Last gasp series was the best ever according to many readers, and the best of the best, was little Salter and his wonderful last 3 day special days of summer with his devoted dad, Mr Alex Watson the Ambassador to Hessel Michigan.


The time Salter got his fingers stuck in the wheel of the family XK

I am not sure whats more emotional, watching Salter grow up right in front of us all with Dad, or that he has a 25 ft sportsman to run around in as a teenager one day.



Salter back in the day dreaming of driving


With Dad teaching him the ways of woody boating


watson Pot 18

All grown up at at the helm of one of the most amazing family boats ever made. A 25 Chris Craft Sportsman

Either way, Salter today has the pick of anything he wants in the store. So have at it Salter. A hat? 3x shirt to sleep in. Maybe a decaf coffee cup?

watson Pot 4

Salter waving at the dock in Hessel

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Given where he lives and the time of year, I would pick something from Faribault. Also, Thommy needs to watch his back. With his dad’s boat collection and presumably his mothers looks and charm, Salter is going to have all the girls of Northern Michigan begging for rides soon. He should be able to make a strong case for Sexiest Woodyboater Alive to add to his trophy case.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    As a unanimous winner, I think Salter should get something unique like the “Best of Show” awards at many boat shows. A custom made shirt with the WoodtBoater logo and one of those great photos from today’s story would be one idea, Use your great creativity, Matt!

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    First we watch Lilly grow up and now Salter. Love it. Too bad they’re not the same age, that could have been a great story. Great choice for Last Gasp award.

  4. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Fix! No one over 10 was allowed to vote. The little boat junkie belongs in school not riding around the lake. Next time I see him, I going to make him sit in the back with the other boys. See you next summer, Salty!

  5. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. Took me immediately back to the happiest moments of my own childhood when Dad would let me behind the wheel of his 53 Chris Craft.

  6. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Great job Salter!
    Well, using the word “job” doesn’t quite fit here, does it? How about just a big Congratulations!

    Tommy, by next summer Salter may be bigger than you. Then you may be the one sitting in the back while he takes the helm to himself.

  7. Fred B
    Fred B says:

    And adorable kid and awesome boat are an unbeatable combination. The outcome of this contest was never in question. Well played, Alex, well played…All I need is the 25 Sportsman.

  8. kevin F
    kevin F says:

    Your pictures always strikes a cord, and triggers our collective memories of our past growing up on boats and our fun times with our own children. It just seems that all that has to do with water; learning safety, self confidence, fun, adventure, and freedom, provide a deeper foundation than many other family activities.

    With a name like Salter, it seems he is destine for the salty waters of the ocean some day.

  9. Alex
    Alex says:

    Thank you. Salty’s a happy boy today.

    He’s always loved boating. Here he is seeing Marion E for the first time. I just bought her that day, back in 2008.

    Many, many great memories in that boat over the years, captured in hundreds of photos. I guess I never realized that the pictures I’ve been taking document the bond each of us has been forming with her.

  10. Carla
    Carla says:

    Congrats Salter! What do you get when you place an adorable child at the helm of a ’25 gorgeous Sportsman – the 2015 winner of the “Last Gasp” award. Enjoyed the stories, the pictures and the characters in all submissions!

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