Meet Jack North, The Newest Official Woody Boater!

Jack has grabbed the “Wheel of eternal happiness.”

While most of you were at your boat shows, an even better thing happened in Woodyboaterville. We met a new citizen of  Woody Boater!  Bob ” Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays reports in as Jack North takes a first ride and the rest is our history. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

Jack aint waiting around. That center thing is the throttle. Nail it Jack!

Meet Jack North, a 9 yr old 5th generation resident of Halsey Island, Lake Hopatcong. He waved to us while out Tuesday for a sunset cruise. Jack loves Chris Crafts and knows where everyone on the lake is located. We arranged to meet Jack and his parents, John and Emily, at the Main Lake Market on Wednesday.


Once there they joined Bob and Pam Rice and Denise Kays and I for a lake tour in Bob’s 22′ Sportsman “Lieutenant “. Jack was a happy boy!

Jack and Bob on the right.

On Thursday Jack and his Dad met us on Raccoon Island for a ride in “Relax”. We ended our ride around the lake with a stop at Katz’s Marina, where Seth opened the showroom for Jack to see all the mahogany beauty inside.

That’s a $300K Cobra Jack!

Jack having some fun thanks to the Kays, Rice and Katz’s families all working together to make Jack North an official Woody Boater.

Jack’s dad said his son would think about this all winter and look at all the pictures. That means Jack is a Woody Boater like all of us. And he has a calendar!

Thanks Bob for a fantastic story that reminds us all about the good in people, and Woody Boaters around the world.


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  1. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    I enjoyed the jr voters at shows,I think it is great for Hagarty to get this started.I did win the jr vote at Traverse city with a glass boat,but I enjoyed the questions that some had that I know weren’t staged,need to get them in to it,also had them judge me at Hessel also,,good kids and big participation,the chapters always run it very nicely,,Bill

  2. Bob Murdock
    Bob Murdock says:

    Here’s the deal: We need to get ANY child who has some sort of mechanical aptitude into old boats, old cars, old ANYTHING that requires a “hands on” capability, instead of just using their thumbs.
    If they get involved, they learn to be social too and not hide behind a username of fake screen shot.
    Yes, this IS what it’s all about. My kids are the 6th generation to use the wooden boats in our family but it also includes all the old cars, Donzis, Scarabs, Whalers and ANYTHING else that runs on fossil fuel.
    Much to the chagrin of the tree huggers and bark eaters, we leave a LARGE CARBON FOOTPRINT for a few hours each summer up north in Michigan!

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