One Of the Godfathers Of Classic Boating Today. Wayne Mocksfield.

Wayne Mocksfield at the awards event - Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club

Wayne Mocksfield at the awards event – Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club

While at the Lake Hopatcong Show awards event, one award was handed out that is there most prestigious award. It’s not handed out each year, it’s only handed out when a fitting person is awarded it to. This year, Wayne was given the Mook Award. The interesting part of the award was watching Wayne flabber gassed, and listening to his huge contribution to the hobby, not just in New Jersey, but the entire US.. It’s because of guys like Wayne that we still have many of the nice boats available to us to see and use. And the tradition of Classic boating is so strong on Lake Hopatcong. Below is the letter written by Bob Rice that was read at the event. it says it all better than I ever could.. AND, its spelled right.. I think…

" Godfather " 1922 26 Chris Craft hull number XI The boat is now in a museum

” Godfather ” 1922 26 Chris Craft hull number VI
The boat is now in a museum

The H. Drayton Mook Memorial Award Winner Wayne Mocksfield.

The Lake Hopatcong Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society has established an award in the name of the late H. Drayton Mook, a pioneer in creating a club, now international in scope, to preserve and celebrate antique boats dating from the late 19th century through the middle of the 20th century when fiberglass began to replace wood as the primary material of boat construction. Drayton made a long standing and immeasurable contribution to the furtherance of antique boating.

The award, appropriately, is presented to honor someone who has made a similarly significant and long standing contribution. The Mook Award, as it is known, is given sparingly, only to the most deserving of individuals. To be so honored is indicative of a contribution of great significance.

This year, Wayne Mocksfield of Mt. Arlington was presented with the Mook Award during the Awards Dinner at the Annual Antique Boat Show at the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club. Wayne’s contribution to the world of antique boating is widely known. A boat lover all of his life at the lake, he began to restore the old boats as a hobby. He purchased a marina as a young man, and while his intent was not to focus on boat restorations, the business just went that way. Wayne became a restorer of national renown with boats from his shop winning top awards at the most prestigious antique boat shows. Wayne’s business can be counted as the major factor that sustained the population of antique boats on Lake Hopatcong through the challenging years of the emergence of fiberglass boats.

"Mirage "1930 28 ft  Gar Wood Limo one of 7 built

“Mirage “1930 28 ft Gar Wood Limo one of 7 built

But Wayne’s impact was felt far a field of Lake Hopatcong. He was one of a handful of visionaries who met at Lake George in the mid 1970’s for the purpose of forming an antique boat club to save, preserve, and celebrate the old boats that were disappearing from the boating landscape. As a product of those meetings, The Antique & Classic Boat Society Inc. was formed in 1975….an organization now approaching 10,000 members. Wayne was there from the beginning and is a Charter Member.

Called “The Antique Boat Specialist” by some and “Professor” by others, it is for his life long and far reaching contributions to the hobby of antique boating that Wayne Mocksfield is most deserving to be honored with the H. Drayton Mook Memorial Award.

Mr. Benny 28 ft Rochester runabout designed by Bill Mckerrer

Mr. Benny 28 ft Rochester runabout designed by Bill Mckerrer

Today, while retired, Wayne remains active restoring boats from his still impressive inventory. During the summer, he can be seen often enjoying a ride from his lakeside Mt. Arlington home in one of his many boats.

Mirage and Benny in there slips at Waynes Marina, Now Katz's Marina

Mirage and Mr Benny in there slips at Waynes Marina, Now Katz’s Marina Wayne started the tradition of having young folks around helping. That tradition is still alive and well at Katz’s.

Below is a personal note from fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays.

When I was about 15 I met Wayne when he opened his shop. He did what ACBS is trying to do now, encourage interest in antique and classic boats. I was able to check out his boats, inventory boats, learn about the boats and best of all boat rides. And what boats to ride in, some of the top boats in the hobby. In 1993 Wayne sold me a boat, it was a great day for both of us! Wayne and I remain buddies today, still talking boats, life in general and going for boat rides!

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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Wayne a couple of times. He is a treasure trove of history & information. Wayne is also a great guy & a gentleman. Go Wayne!

  2. Mike Ward 62 Penn Yan
    Mike Ward 62 Penn Yan says:

    Wayne is a wonderful person and I’ve been blessed to meet him and get to know him. When it comes to wooden boats, Wayne is the man!

  3. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    Wayne is a legend. Dr. Mahogany. and still going strong, unlike our Grand Poobah Mr. Woody. You can take him to a boat show, you can sit him with a pretty girl and ……

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      lol. I did not see she was reading a book. I saw her hat and thought she was sleeping also, too funny.

  4. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    hey, that’s my hottie (I think!)

    It was indeed a pleasure watching Wayne receive his award, and I had the good fortune of being introduced to him at Katz’s place. If you ever read the oldest copies of the Rudder, or the Brass Bell – Wayne was everywhere. He is really a father to this entire hobby as we know it today.

    By the way Matt, I am writing this from the balcony of a lovely lodge in the mountains of BC, where I sit after breaking down – again. A familiar culprit – crappy old iron and the hope it can just get there, one more time -before something happens. It did not make it. A couple of Dahlwinnie’s for me, while I await rescue, courtesy of your enthralled companion from Holms’ picture!

      • Tommyholm
        Tommyholm says:

        Goldilocks and the 3 boats. Papa Bear had a Lyman, Mama Bear had a Century Thoroughbred and baby bear had a Chissy Craft and cried on the way home.

  5. Joan Greene
    Joan Greene says:

    Wayne is responsible for so many of us having and keeping our wooden boats. He keeps every boat he has ever had in mind and follows them wherever they go. No one deserves winning the Drayton Mook more than he does. Long overdue but so happy for him.

  6. john crary
    john crary says:

    just a couple of updates…i actually own a mocksfield restored boat and now living in michigan i have lost touch with wayne, but hope he reads this so i can say hi. in addition, i work in d c but have a home in michigan and have been following you around this summer, like Torch Lake and so forth. actually, yesterday, i was flipping around your website, knew you were near d c and stumbled onto your article about Tim’s River Shore. so, last nite my wife and i jumped in the car and headed for the Full Moon Party at Tim’s. moving a little slow today, but we had a great crab dinner and a nice nite by the bonfire!! thx and hope to catch up with you sometime. thx, john

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