Progressive Has Flo, We Have Carla! The Real Deal! Keep The Love Flo…ing!

Carla at 40 knots

If you new to this culture , you may be wondering who Carla from Hagerty Marine insurance is? And why such the huge response to Carla getting ill? We broke records in readership yesterday and on track today. Well, in a nutshell, Carla is the real deal. She is the face, smile and joy of Hagerty Marine Insurance. She is the real Flo.

Flo, as portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney – Wikapedia. Created by my former ad agency Arnold Worldwide

Flo is the iconic successful adverting icon for Progressive insurance that tries to replicate the real deal in that Carla actually is. But Flo is a creative teams idea, she is an Ad, Carla is real, and there when you need insurance and help. I don’t think you will get Flo on a call to discuss a plank popping. I can say from first hand experience, Carla has worked tirelesy for me and others to make sure I am covered correctly. And fight for me and my classic boat issues. She and Hagerty just don’t run ads, they SUPPORT the culture. In fact one of the largest supporters of the culture out there. Why anyone in this culture doesn’t support Hagerty by having their policy with them, is confusing, since in fact they support you. And Carla is the face of all that.

Carla and Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service.

So what do we do while Carla is recouping? We support her 100%. We have patience with others at the office of the Marine Insurance group. They are great folks and its a tough seat to fill, even temporally. DO NOT SINK YOUR BOAT! Don’t catch it on fire or kill anyone please. Just wait for all that until Carla gets back. So, keep up the good wishes, your love and care is part of her therapy. Your emotional support is our communities insurance policy that always pays back!

Don’t see Flo with coconuts!

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  1. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Hey Matt, you forgot Carla’s 31st Birthday the other day. See we really need do need her seeing she is the younger generation and that is what this hobby needs.
    So Happy Birthday to Carla!! Yeah I know a few days late but better late than never. Also, more get well soon wishes.

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Unfortunately, I have never met Carla, but I do insure with Hagerty. Great Company! Very satisfied. Good luck and speedy recovery!

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Met Carla in 2014 at Mt. Dora, a year before my boat was completed, and she insured my boat while it was still under construction. In 2015, three months after completion, I severely damaged my boat while loading it on the trailer, Carla and the Hagerty team were there every step of the way to see to it that Miss Dot was taken care of, you will not meet a better group of people.
    Carla, get well soon and we will see you at Mt Dora 2019.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    I just adjusted my timing and put in premium fuel and need a WOT run to check things out so there will be no being careful while Carla is out.

    Whatever happens happens. No warnings heeded.

  5. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Carla is like the Energizer Bunny! Still Going!

    We all love and pray for you!

    (Fender pay attention!)

  6. Bill
    Bill says:

    Carla, we LOVE you and wish you THE BEST!
    Chautauqua Lake Twin Tier Chapter, ACBS
    The Lawson Boating Heritage Center on Chautauqua Lake

  7. Bill Mullin
    Bill Mullin says:

    Carla, your the BEST. Speedy recovery and we will hold a spot on the bicycle bar for you. Bill Mullin

  8. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    Best wishes for a full recovery Carla! My favorite memory of Carla was at the Tavares show a few years back and she was the passenger of the residence sightseeing float plane. I was taking an afternoon siesta on my boat when I heard calls to look out for the float plane that had stalled and was drifting into my boat. With cat like swiftness, I sprang into action and fended off the drifting float plane before it took my windshield. A few moments later she found me to tell me that she was in the back seat and had told the pilot that she insured my boat! LOL!

  9. Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson says:

    2007 my shop burned to the ground, lost a 40 cc barrel stern and a 38 cc special, Hagerty payed the claim promptly, the underwriters wanted to axe my coverage going forward but Carla came to my rescue, I’m still with Hagerty thanks to Carla

  10. Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson says:

    Thank you Carla for your participation in our boat world, please get well soon, we all need you

  11. Carla
    Carla says:

    Once again, I am overwhelmed by the kindness everyone has been showing me in various avenues, primarily WB. I feel your prayers…I feel your over the top energy shooting at me. Luckiest girl on the planet. Love you all.

  12. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    I have both Hagerty USA and Hagerty Canadian policies on my boats. Good people.
    Speedy recovery to you Carla.

  13. Maury DeBell......Mahogany Speedboats
    Maury DeBell......Mahogany Speedboats says:

    Carla We were neighbors a few years back at the Hessel boat show before we were allowed in the show. You were always very pleasant and friendly, but your also a very attractive lady and I have to admit it was hard paying attention to my part sales with you walking around. Still have some of the black Hagerty bags you asked me to hand out. Take it easy and get better.

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