Replaceing An Old Distributor With An Old Friend.

This may not sound like a perfect weekend to many. But for me last weekend was perfect. It was a free weekend to do nothing. I could have gone to Florida and bought that Whirlwind.. or gone to Maryland and looked at another boat. I had NOTHING to do. So I did what I wanted to. I went and visited my fellow woody boater pal Clif Aimes in Reedville who has one stunning Chris Craft Cruiser. 

Part of the fun was just hanging out while he piddled with his nice rebuilt distributor form Van Ness. Sometimes a simple moment can be the most rewarding. It was fun to just do nothing. Especially when others are doing something…

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I don't know if reading Woody Boater every morning qualifies as doing nothing or not. First, you must build a pot of coffee, then hit the shower, get somewhat dressed, walk the dog and then wait around for endless minutes while Woody Boater finally pops up a new post (gives me a chance to sort through the e-mails and check out Boat Buzz). All of this is doing "something" I suppose. The pay-off is that I get to read the daily Woody Boater Story, absorb the content, enjoy the photo(s), contemplate the impact of leaving a meaningful Comment (or not), then, get on with my morning.

    When arguing with my wife about spending so much time sitting at this keyboard, I tell her that I'm doing "something" but she claims that I'm doing "nothing". So, according to her "I'm doing nothing" and enjoying the stuffing out of it.

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