Sad Breaking News – Bob Johnson (Dr Bob) Passes Away

Dr Bob A Rainy Day Friend

We just got this report in, and are always sad to report this type of news, Bob Johnson AKA Dr Bob embodied what this passion is all about. Fun, laughter and boat rides.A positive force in the community. Ugh.

All part of the fun, and a former header

The Header – Dane Anderson Photo

Bob was a regular at Dora and did St John’s river cruises with Victor (Floyd R Turbo). You may have met Bob in Florida with Mark Setterholm, Mike Favilla or Floyd.

Says it all

Bob was one the funniest guys you’d ever meet and was involved in the classic boat hobby going back to the 80s. Bob and Beth liked to travel and attended many classic boat events from Muskoka to Florida to California and of course throughout the midwest.

Bob enjoying the blue water

And Hacker fun – Photo Texx

He will be missed by all who knew him.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Bob was a great guy for sure!

    Always hard to read these stories, but thanks for letting us know.

    RIP BOB!

  2. Lee Wangstad
    Lee Wangstad says:

    Nobody had a greater penchant for the fun that you could extract out of a classic boat than Dr. Bob. And his enthusiasm was truly contagious. He shared his love for riding in boats with everybody, always rounding up a crowd to go out with him. He always found boats that were interesting, different, sometimes just weird, and by his personality, made them seem mainstream, almost normal. He was one of the first people that drew me into this hobby and taught me how to have fun with it. I will personally miss him regale his latest effort in shellacking Todd Warner in a race in whatever boat he happened to have at that time.

  3. Ken Mac
    Ken Mac says:

    weird is the word. In the 80’s Bob hosted Bob’s weird boat show! I have the T-shirt…

  4. Wanda Hopkins
    Wanda Hopkins says:

    Dearest Bobby, Lindsey loved you and I loved you too.
    What fun we had on the St. Johns River, The Hudson and the Mississippi. You are zipping down the lake with your buddy, Lindsey. May the wind be at your back, the sun in your face and keep smiling. I miss you my friend. Did you win the Barbecue cook of or did Lindsey.
    Love, Wanda

  5. Brad Ernst
    Brad Ernst says:

    Bob was the best my family and I cherish the fun times we had with Bob and Beth. He was a true friend and will be missed!
    Brad, Chris, Blake and Alex Ernst

  6. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    I first met Bob at the first Hudson Extreme in the mid 90’s. Got to spend fun time with Bob and Beth and so many other great people from all over the country and Canada. For many years we would see each other at the annual meeting and it was always great to see Bob, a truly nice man. I can imagine his bed side manor with his patients was the best. You will be missed big guy, RIP.

  7. Frederick Goughnour
    Frederick Goughnour says:

    Bob was the embodiment of boating fun period… He would rip me for something & then compliment in the same thought. His stories were legendary, but his listening skills were even more complimentary.
    See you at the finish line,

    • Curt *& Marsha Erickson
      Curt *& Marsha Erickson says:

      Our condolences to Beth. So sad to hear the news. What a great guy to spend time with . Great memories of his Norwegian jokes.

  8. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    Sad news. Dr. Bob was a great guy and loved spending time with him in board and committee meetings (he brought some levity to the serious business), working at shows and displays, and of course boating with him. Spent many hours with he and Beth or just the boys on Lake Minnetonka.

  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Years ago at the Mt. Dora/Tavares show, I was privileged to be invited for a boat ride in Bob’s U-22 – powered by a 383 stroker… ! Lots of laughs, great conversation and the discovery of a shared interest in Cadillac flatbread V-8 engines. Unforgettable! RIP Bob. 🙏🏻

    • Ron in Seattle
      Ron in Seattle says:

      I shared that ride and time with Dr. Bob, Dick says it well, except about the flatbread Cadillac V8s…

      • Dick Dow
        Dick Dow says:

        You missed that part of the conversation – probably after we got off the boat when I was telling him about “Sindbad” and it’s original engine. I can’t remember the full context, but he had some connection with the Cadillac Flathead V-8s and knew of some parts sources for the same. 🙂

  10. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I was not going to comment today as I did not have the privilege of knowing Dr. Bob. But after reading all the tributes to him, I realized that the community has lost another great one and was inspired to give my condolences to his family and friends. RIP Bob. You clearly lived a life to be admired!

  11. Eric
    Eric says:

    Such very sad news. Dr. Bob was so much fun to be around, share great stories. A great supporter of our hobbies. Always laughter involved and just a positive outlook on life. RIP Bob.

  12. Floyd R Turbo
    Floyd R Turbo says:

    It is with great sadness I found out about Tipster’s passing the other day. Unfortunately, I am on my way to my mother’s memorial service in Maine so I am late to comment. I spent many miles boating with Tip and it was nonstop fun and joking around. On one trip Paul Michaelson joined Tip, myself, and Les Rue and the Oli and Lena jokes were enough to make Garrison Keillor (from The Prairie Home Companion) blush. Many times Bob and I had the good pleasure of using Les Rue’s boat for the trip with his permission in his absence. When Les would call to check on how the trip was going, Bob exclaimed “The deck seams have opened up so wide that you can throw a cat thru ‘em!” Henceforth we were required to sign a document stating we would no longer denigrate boats on loan. Having met Bob years ago, we found that there were always boat deals going on amongst the Minnesota gang who were referred to down south as “the cartel” but within that group was the fun-loving, self deprecating, Scandinavians: Dr Bob, Michaelson, Stan Peterson, and more that I fail to recall at this time. I could write a book about all of our shenanigans but will have to make do with the memories that we will always recall fondly. Bob didn’t want a funeral or a memorial service because it was never about Bob, it was always about boating with friends.

  13. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in today with their kind words and fond memories of Dr. Bob. He had many boating friends around the USA and Canada. RIP Dr. Bob – Texx

  14. Mike Hagan
    Mike Hagan says:

    One of the best. Dr Bob and his incredibly dry sense of humor would grace us at with his presence at the Okoboji Wood Boat show. “ why do I have to pay a show fee”. Common question and then nag me till I let him in for free. Then he’d just laugh at me! Then I’d see him on the River cruise and Dora.
    Just thought of him the other day.
    He will be missed by me and everyone fortunate enough to have known him.
    RIP Dr Bob

  15. Jim Murdock Jr
    Jim Murdock Jr says:

    This is another sad day in the wooden boat world, I haven’t seen Bob in years but by all the comments I’ve seen today he hasn’t changed at all from the early years of the St John’s River Cruise, I’m not sure anyone could top Dr Bob and Lindsey Hopkins for gut splitting antics RIP Dr Bob

  16. George Norling
    George Norling says:

    I have fond memories of boat events and Bob, he made the times fun, always a good word or a compliment. Bob was a real gentleman.

  17. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    I met Dr. Bob back in the back in the early 90’s in Albert Lea. The Tipster was always gracious in getting someone out for a boat ride and full of fun! So many laughs on the many St Johns river trips. RIP Dr. Bob!

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