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The Boatress, The Boatress’s Mother, and the Harvy’s on Betsy

In the time that I have been doing this.. To be honest, the boats start blurring together.. On runabout starts looking like all the others.. When you pa-roooze through Classic Boating Magazine from years back it feels like sometimes we are just reprinting stories.. Which is one of the charms of the passion I suppose.. But the thing that has just dang slapped us here in the face is the people. Ya ya, I know, it’s a cliche.. Ask any club or hobby, they all say the same thing.. But this is different.. The folks are generally all kind and helpful. And very inviting.. That is the part we here at Woody Boater love the most.. What was also surprising is that no matter how many miles we logged in.. Many of you also did.. I saw some of you more during the summer time than folks in my own family… So here is to you.. Thanks enjoy

The Kaptain Krunch – Clayton
Donald Ploetner and his Foxy Girlfriend. Clayton NY
Frank Miklos and his brother Bob doing the CSI thing for the Golden Pond boats
The Ploetners and the Kadimik’s .. Cant anyone have a simple last name to spell?  Clayton NY
OH God..Like Romper Room… Lets see.. I see, The Krunch, Ploetners, Dick Kish, Seth Katz, Paul and Karen Harrison, Texx, Mike Mayer, Al Shinnerer, cant tell, I do remember it was fun and in a bowling Ally. Warner Collection Buffalo Minn
That’s Seth Katz from Katz’s marina on the left have a Homer Simpson moment. Bob have I got a calender for you Kays on the right.
Dennis Ryan for Antique boat Center playing with Sylvia . Bay Harbor ACBS International Show Michigan
Chad Durren .. Its his better side.. Driving us around on Lily, Clayton NY

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 Carla and Chris from Hagerty marine Insurance.. And a prop from Coke..
Brian Robinson and Terry Fiest giggling like 10 year olds at Christmas looking over Wee Don one amazing original Chris Craft Warner Auction
That guy at the auction.. That guy could dance,  
Jim “I hate the poparatzi” Staib
Todd Warner
The boys from the Antique Boat Center, Buying a boat at the auction
Dave Wright and Al Shinnerer  out from the west coast. party in the lobby of the Country Inn
Brian Robinson again Tahoe. He is everyplace
Marty Feletto at the helm of Alan Weinstein’s amazing Riva.. Marty is performing a reverse docking.. Its was fun to watch.. Since it was not my boat
The Arrrrgs.. Larry Nichols and Woody gal, Mt Dora, Tavaras FLA
Woody Gal..
Don Danenberg doing what he does best.. Telling the Judges at St. Marys Maryland about spark plug wires
Texx, We could not believe that we were give press passes to the Mecum Auction AND given Free donuts.. Shhhhh.. We would have done it for a glass of water.. Dont tell them.

Logan Wood and Chris Smith, Algonac dedication of the statue of  Gar Wood And Christopher Smith
Herb Pocklington.. Giving a wonderful speech. Algonac Statue Dedication. This guy is amazing
Dale Kocian With his collection of beautiful gauges.

Alexander Watson, who has as many Boats as kids.. Dear god.. Mr Hessle Michigan.. 
Don Ayers, who takes amazing photos of everything.. except for himself. I had to steal this one.. 
OK, this is a building.. But its full of killer boats and fantastic people .. Thanks to Bruce Olson, Tom Juul and crew for making us feel welcome.. Minnesota is not a cold place.. OK, wait, yes it is.. It’s freezing up there..  Minnesota Maritime museum.
James and Caroline from the Perlitta Two restoration.. and there beautiful love child.. They called him Scripps.. He screams all the time now…  Lopez island. 
Chad Durren’s father.. March Durren.. What a great family.. 
Dan Nelson, Who is currently restoring another master piece.. 
Dana Mecum. We got donuts, He got sandwiches.. Warner Auction
The Chaps.. I just showed Sheila here.. She is the more attractive of the two!

The entire Algonac gang! What a fun group.. My new second… third, wait fourth home.. I love that part of the country. The Old Club St Clair Mich
Jim Shotwell, who behind the scenes helps out a ton. This is from is fancy story as a hall of fame guy from Hagerty. 
Phil Jones. Who wins the good guy award Smith Mountain lake VA
Mike Mayer of Lake Oswago Boat Works, who made makes us laugh 24 /7 Thats him on the left..

Pat Curtin who also makes me laugh 24/7 and cry and laugh…! Ha..
Amanda, Miss Chris Craft, who has no idea she is even on Woody Boater
Phil Andrew from new Zealand not wanting to go home… enjoying Lake George.
The Stevenson’s  She is a looker but not much on the conversation..

The Turners. A real Class act..
Paul and Karen Harrison.. The biggest asset to the hobby in years.
Another lovely couple…Bill Basler on the right. with Chris Smith. Tavaras.
Jimmy Scott with his date Mariah.

Herb Hall From Sierra Boat Company who today is under 30 feet of snow.. Keep your head up herb.. its only 4 months til Summer!
Thanks to everyone this year for making this the best year yet. 
Also a special thanks .. since I don’t have your photos.. Tom Frye, Gary Gondek, Mark C, Bjon Borg..and his Beautiful Barrel Back Blog… Bob, and Jim Shapton,  Big Al Benton. Wohooo Go Al… Kerry Price,  Ginger and Randy from FLA. Steve Durbin, Charley Quimby from Maryland.. Still love Miss miami…, David VanNess, who can make one nice motor sing.. Peter melon from Antique boat America, Thom Hilliker, Allen Willy, Keith Colonna, Nancy and Paul.. You know who you are…  And John Rothert from Powitan, as anonymous.. They guys from MBWW, Wooden Runabout Co, Bottoms Up, Mark Mcissac, Califonia Classics, Mitch and Kathy Lapointe, Mark Setterholm, Jeff Thom,  Scott Ales, Sam Metaugh.The entire Smith Family.. Who ever that guy is who kept defending 1802 for no reason…. And of course…. Anonymous.. Who with out you, we would all be board to death.. My brain is drained and I am sure I forgot someone.. I am shocked I recalled all these names..  
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  1. Bjorn B.
    Bjorn B. says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention. Bjorn Borg still the best with a wooden ….racquet that is. Happy New Year!

  2. rdapron
    rdapron says:

    Wow, a picture of the elusive Texx. I always thought Texx was Woodyboaters version of Top Gears Stig. I guess the cover is blown.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know how you've wormed your way into our realities;
    I called my buddy Tom Frye today and when he answered his phone I said only;

    "Is that last photo you?"

    Within 2-seconds he replied, "Oh, you're looking at WoodyBoater", Ha Ha!

    Happy New Year,

  4. Chad
    Chad says:

    Thanks for a great 2010!

    Maybe someday I can tell my children to Google "March Durren" or "Grumpy Old Bastard" and they'll see a photo of their grandfather.

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thanks to all of the folks that made WoodyBoater "The Place to Start Each Day with a Smile" for the last year. It has been great!!! We all look forward to the coming year.

    Happy New Year and God's Richest Blessings to All.


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