Wilson Wright Brings The Heat All Day Long!


Well, we know when Wilson shot this! 8:49

Ladies and gentleman, here it is, the first report in from Wilson Wright! That’s right. The same Wilson Wright who was the back bone of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club when even a Xerox copy would blow your mind. We here can recall a time when Wilson was figuring out how to comment, and now the man of the hour is sending in reports form Florida. ..Where else… Bring the heat up here Wilson.


8:52 Houses on the Lake, near the Yacht Club? There is a yacht Club on Lake Dora? WHAAAAAT?


Wilson got this great shot of one of the best guys in the community Terry Fiest! 8:58


Stern of Terry’s Stan Craft and poor shot of following boats at 9:29


Wilson sent us this. Oh Wilson, you know how to rub it in. Ugh! Right now we are all yanking our boats out and you send this! 9:30 AM

We will also add, that Wilson 9 years ago when we started this mess, was one of the big supporters and attaboys out there. This is proof that you are never to old to have fun and learn new things. We are all learning new things and I pray that I never stop. Don’t know Wilson?


Wilson is the Big Man on campus here in Woodyboaterville! Photo taken 2011 at the Lake Dora Show

You’re the only one, he is very active in the Sunnyland show, and always a huge commentor here on Woody Boater. So comment away today and give Wilson a huge Attaboy back!


They must have gone to a Victrola collection . on the 5th at 11:51


Wilson says they all work! Where is Nipper?


Stereo? OK thats cool. Shot at 11:55 right before lunch.


A tractor! In case you didnt know what that was? And Go Wilson, working through lunch! 12:14


And working through Dinner! Dang

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Wilson!

    Here we have Wilson navigating the St. Johns river while Dr. Bob captains us to Crescent City in 2014. Looks like the Palatka bridge in the background.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Well Matt, You made my day with that header and those comments…It was a great gathering with beautiful weather there on Lake Dora, in the Dora Canal and on the surrounding water bodies on their chain of lakes. The victrola and tractor collection are most unusual and made for a great luncheon stop on a beautiful cruise. We went from Mt. Dora past the usual Friday luncheon spot, then on under the bridge to a neat place on the lake where we had lunch which showed in yesterday’s pictures from Pete DeVito One great day of fun !

  3. Mikem@loboat.com
    Mikem@loboat.com says:

    The date and time stamp is the attorney in Wilson. It makes for a rock solid alibi….just in case.

    Great story! Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Just shut off the water and drained the pipes at the lake house yesterday so they won’t FREEZE. It doesn’t look like Wilson will be needing to do that anytime soon.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    As they say down south, that’s good people right there. When Wilson published the Brass Bell years ago, I thought 2 things, how does he get all that great information, and what does a guy living in Tallahassee, Florida know about the history of Chris Craft. As Troy’s picture above shows, we had the honor, and I do meant that sincerely, of having WWW join us on the SJRC for a few days. And there I got the full story of his time spent on Lake Winnepesaukee and knowing Jim Irwin and Irwin Marine, etc. He had some great stories which should not go unreported.

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