Spring Forward Your Classic Boat Clocks Today!

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 007

Oh, now where does that spring go?

While WECATHEM is being given a complete spa treatment at Katzs marina, we had the Gauges out to Kocian Instruments for a fix up and we sent the clock to be cleaned and fixed by fellow Woody Boater and Clock Doc, Bob Larson.

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 001

Now we have reported that we like the clock set at 10:30 always since thats the best time of day, but with everything getting spruced up, it would have just been odd to leave her rough looking and frozen in time.

Chelsea , cuckoos, BEFORE

Before, her face was all tarnished and showed her 60 years of age

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 008

Face all cleaned up!

She winds up now, and tick tocks like she did on her first day.

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 004

Chelsea Clock Co, the clock dates in the early 1940’s Late 30’s

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 002

Nice and clean now

Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 013

And today we are excited to set her one hour ahead! Woohooo! Its Spring forward time. And just a week away from Lake Dora! Chelsea , cuckoos, Stephen 016

Here is Bob Larsons Business card if you want a clock repaired. No website! Oh Bob, it’s about TIME, you got a website. Even the Amish have websites!

cloc doc


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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    every time I ever bought a classic boat I “got my clock cleaned”….but Went Boating!

    John in Va.

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