My barn is full of texture. Most everything is from Reedville, and my life as WoodyBoater.

I love..wait, loved the word Vintage. It used to actually mean something. Technically from a specifi… Read more


Whats in that little shed? Oh you know you want to see?

One of the magical things about my wonderful town of Reedville is how time just is slower. And nothing is slower than watching your Trawler g… Read more


This is quite a leap of logic here. Beer? Check, Sunscreen? Check? Gallon Of Oil? SCREECH? What? Why do we need a gallon of oil dear? I am NOT going out on that thing!

My old friend Sausage Sunday. B… Read more


Ya, there is some stuff over there.

Well, lets just say, if you dig hard enough, no literally dig into dirt, after you cut back poison ivy and god only know what other needle tree stuff was coverin… Read more