Well, we are still picking away at little tidbits of digital scraps that appear, then disappear and then. AHHHHH! I mean you fix something and then another thing does whatever thing it does whi… Read more


We were all set for the big switch yesterday and at the last second our host realized that we needed to update to 8.0 php and that would effect some some stuff in the future so thats being done. I kno… Read more


Well, last night we went to one of the many parades that take place in New Orleans. This time it was a Krampus Parade. Although December 5th is the official day of Krampus, For those of you wonderi… Read more


As we work through the spaghetti fest of back end stuff on the Website, when we do switch over, some stories and comments may disappear. Also we will need you to sign up for your email. BUT ONLY WHE… Read more