Chief Wannabuyaboat!

This wonderful brochure for the 1942 Sportsman Show in Boston is a great little time capsule of what it was like to be a “guy” right at the start of WWII. It… Read more


Leave Terry alone. He had a rough Winter

Ugh, despite all the storm drama on the local weather station, we survived with 7 mph of wind. Sunny skies and NO BOATS. What the hell? So I was relegated to … Read more


Hands up! Give me all your eggs!

We hope you are blessed with fine weather and flat water today. Here in Reedville Virginia we have a wonderful tradition of the Easter Bunny going around town on a … Read more


My barn is full of texture. Most everything is from Reedville, and my life as WoodyBoater.

I love..wait, loved the word Vintage. It used to actually mean something. Technically from a specifi… Read more