Amazing photos today

The photos are starting to trickle in from the Alex Bay. Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith Jr are working their magic eyes again. This is insane, here we are getting amazing pho… Read more


Does the clip go in the Center of the Thumb Nut?

Today we have one of those questions that may not have a correct answer. Oh on the surface it may seem simple. But you will see the logic in what you may … Read more



The other day, I got on one of my google search kicks. Just clicking around to find more cool stuff. I hit on some classic Sailboats, and OH GOD! Not, oh god, how cool, but man, that is some comp… Read more



On such a heavy day, a little good-ish news. If you think wiring a boat is a mind bender. DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE! Good god! The good news, is I know more about DNS, SSL, and CDA, and who host… Read more