To quote  Marshall McLuhan “Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century.” has long been a guiding light for how I approach my work as an Advertising person. I see the higher ar… Read more


I feel so old now!

If you need to wake up and get some adrenalin going this morning, Just watch this cool video “Rabbit” sent us. I have known about these boats since watching old Jam… Read more


Oh hell ya!

A huge shout out to fellow Woody Boater Todd Weitekamp for reminding us all, it aint over til the fat lady sings the winter blues. Chalk one up for owning an outboard over an inboard. Sp… Read more


Pass the Purell please!

I loved seeing Texx back yesterday, it was like family visiting during the holidays. This year is like no other year that I have personally experienced. As crappy and tr… Read more