Great gathering at Fitzke.

A huge thanks to pal and longtime WoodyBoater Rabbit for sending in this wonderful report from Fitzke Paddleboards. Take it away Mr WoodyRabbitBoater!

The Kids ArRead more


Chief Wannabuyaboat!

This wonderful brochure for the 1942 Sportsman Show in Boston is a great little time capsule of what it was like to be a “guy” right at the start of WWII. It… Read more


Leave Terry alone. He had a rough Winter

Ugh, despite all the storm drama on the local weather station, we survived with 7 mph of wind. Sunny skies and NO BOATS. What the hell? So I was relegated to … Read more


Hands up! Give me all your eggs!

We hope you are blessed with fine weather and flat water today. Here in Reedville Virginia we have a wonderful tradition of the Easter Bunny going around town on a … Read more