Isn’t this fun?


Yesterday after a day on Zoom The Boatress and I had a much needed boat ride. And it was a tad windy. And choppy. And fun as hell. And so I decided today is SPRAY DAY! A day o… Read more


Old parts are hard to find in these parts

We are hitting a perfect storm in our boats life cycle. Parts are are getting harder and harder to find. Mix that with the Pandemic shut down of factories, … Read more


Towing in with one eye closed. Or something in my eye? Part of the fun

Maybe, just maybe. All events end with being towed in. And no events this year? Maybe this was the sign? Maybe 2020 is over????… Read more



Nature takes and nature gives. One thing is for sure sunsets don’t require internet or power. Just some fuel and passion. The power is out up in New Jersey and yet Bob Kays was able to … Read more


Her head, her head!

Armageddon me a bigger generator! I am so loving the click bait headlines.. Anyway, our area hit the news for sure. Several tornados touched down way way way to close to home. … Read more