Who want’s a bath?

Yesterday before the rain and misery of back to back calls, I was able to get out and clean Yip Yap off of all the “Journey Home” And as expected, she looks fa… Read more


Bob in Deleware? Ohio? Penn? England?

To me THIS right here is all of us at our best, and most insane, which is our best. We can report that the Bob part is in Dover Ohio, home of Ernest “Mooney” … Read more


Steve and Bob – The hat is pure genus!

Breaking news, Yip Yap is officially on her way South. Steve has handed off the heir to the Woody Boater Empire’s first boat. With great fanfar… Read more


T Parsons left, and Mike Lapinski, the seller feller! Holland Michigan 4PM

If you have been following this week with the entire spontaneous Daisy Chain story, today we reveal the boat and R… Read more



Stay tuned for minute by minute updates as The Mystery boat is picked up TODAY and her story will be reviled. Here is the plan as of now.

TParsons, is driving Rochester Mich to Holland via a … Read more


Holland to Sandusky, Toledo?

Okay here is where the Daisy Chain stands. Bob Hamilton is ready and can get the boat a tad east of Toledo on or around 1 PM Saturday, But Steve seems to have disappear… Read more


This is kinda the plan as of now. Subject to change.

For the record it was, and is, a really stupid idea, and yet, sometimes the stupid ideas are the most fun. Especially when it’s winter an… Read more