Photo of Work Boat U24 on the set of On Golden Pond

Okay, here is one for the peanut gallery. And wouldn’t really change the boats value, but if anyone has any kind of info on this one it would … Read more


Best Logo ever

Today, I am headed South to the home of Higgins Boats. New Orleans!  The more I look at Higgins boats the more I love them. I suppose its the graphics and hull design. But mostly its … Read more


All Crap!

To continue a little thought from yesterdays story, It dawned on me that one of the absolute saddest parts of this fun passion is finding a hoard of amazing stuff for sale by a loved one o… Read more


This is a wonderful dream I had back in 2009, and the Tarp Find Cobra story had myself remmebring this. WOW, It took ten years, but this sure rings true. Stay tuned for Cobra Updates. Enjoy the old … Read more