Tucked away for another year

One of the many reasons to own several boats, is you get to last gasp many of them. This weekend we took a brief break in the weather and ran WECATCHEM on a slow wonderfu… Read more


My Fathers World War II Combat Boots.

I used to wear these as a kid in the 1970s . They are fantastic and were great in the snow when sledding. I knew they were my dads old army boots but I had not reall… Read more


At least I dont live in Hessel.

What the hell freezing over? I get two says off and this happens? I decided to take a break from work and take the weekend off. Yes both Saturday AND Sunday. Back to wo… Read more



Ahhh, nothing like a good old fart joke. My 12 year old mindset still cracks me up when any ones crack, cracks up. So, we can set aside the fart jokes. I have found myself lusting afte… Read more