The #99 Higgins engine in question.

We got the photos from Brett, regarding the Serial number 99 Higgins boat we spoke about last week. Not sure how conclusive this all is. According the Brett t… Read more


Have you seen this?

Over the past weeks we have been dealing with an issue of some and now all being blocked from posting photos in the comment section. This has been beyond frustrating for many a… Read more


Paul Mikkelson – 1937 ~ 2019

It is with a true heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of the great contributors to our community and culture. Paul Mikkelson. Paul’s collec… Read more


John Allen and Wyndcrest

If you are in the Middle of the country, okay maybe a tad north, and over a tad. The big Gull Lake Show is this weekend. You may recall the big  Woods and Water show that bro… Read more


You may recall a story we did a couple months ago regarding Rocket Mans “Performance Issue” If not we will have a link at the bottom of the story as a reminder. It takes courage to be s… Read more