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David makes a point?

One of my favorites David Spade of Joe Dirt fame has a new talk show. Ya! At least its a new kinda talk show, but that’s not the point of today’s story. Today̵… Read more


I have now officially cracked again. The mindless dribble that is Facebook is insane. And more and more crap is uploaded daily that could be helpful to others. now I get it. We use facebook. But y… Read more


Life, Love and Varnish

You are so gonna need a hanky today after you watch this amazing short film. I promise you that you will go out and want to hug your boat, sign up for Lake Dora next year and cal… Read more



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HOLY CRAP! WOW! ZOW, POW.. Slap my face and call me Sally! SHAZAM!

A huge thanks to Steve Lapkin for keeping the Tahoe Show going here on Woody Boater. Its not easy to be at the show, trying to harve… Read more