Cool, even when its 100 outside!

You remember back in the winter how much you missed those warm summer days? Just a reminder, so drink up gallons of water, and get out there. After all if you are mo… Read more


Wonderful images from Michael Maddox

A huge thanks to Michael Maddox for sharing his library of images from various shows around the South. So we get to try something new. A Mash Up. I mean does i… Read more


Slow ride in heaven

With the heat being rather brutal, I have found that a simple slow sunset cruise is a very magical event. This is that time of year when the wind dies down, and the skies are full … Read more


Cardboard Love

First, I apologize to all the pervs that are here reading this from a Google Search. Sorry, we are talking about a bike.. Not some sort of strange “thing” you have od… Read more


Mini Can!

First of all, I have seen many of you, and well… mmmmm… ummmm, lets just say, that a little can is a rare beast for sure. But thanks to the good folks at LOWTIMERS I can now cla… Read more