Gang Of Katzs Attacks My Boat!


Ceiling boards removed in seconds.

After dropping WECATCHEM off on Monday night, on Tuesday morning the gang of Katz’s started in on stripping her down and exposing her  naked mahogany. The good news. She is tight, and in very good shape. The original family took very good care of her as did the many people that worked on her over the years up on Lake Winnipesaukee.


New fuel tank installed in 1992 by Ivan Phelps at The Wooded Boat Shop in Melvin Village NH. Thanks Ivan!

We are for sure going to respect and continue that tradition. We really don’t own these boats anymore, we are caretakers. And the folks at Katz’s Marina do just that!


Jara tracing WECATHEMS original font from the factory. It had been redone of course, but they followed the same font, and we will be taking it back to the original Aluminum leaf .


Henry, without question one of the best finish guys in the world. Sitting and pondering. MICE! MICE! Why do all of Matt’s boats have Mice in them. Shhh dont tell Henry, I melt cheese all over them to winterize them! Really!




Kapock Mice! So we know they were in there pre 1990’s at least when the interior was redone, Which is now being redone back to her original red. Maybe it runs in the family? Her older sister  STINKY as you recall had many fellow Mice in her. OK, that just sounds strange.


In every nook and cranny!


As of yesterday most of her sides are already stripped and looking fantastic!

Stay tuned for more updates and reports from shows happening this weekend!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Maybe Stinky will have to become the Family name.


    SUZY ROSES (She’s not STINKY)

  2. Moosemeat
    Moosemeat says:

    A local cat has discovered that my boat in its dark colored shelter can get warm on a sunny winter day. I find cat hair on my boat cover all the time. OK with me to have a rodent control expert on the job.

  3. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Or, maybe you have mice because you named the racer Stinky? Kind of an invitation, saying come on over, sleep in my boat. It’s warm & cozy. Names have consequences! Better than Raccoons?

  4. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    Its interesting to see the joinery detail in those drawers. Although they are small, it would have been a LOT of time and work for a factory to do. Especially when they built so few of that option? Wecatchem must have cost a pretty penny when delivered from the factory. She’s going to look great being back to the way she came from the factory.

    Matt, you are a honorable caretaker!

  5. bob johnson
    bob johnson says:

    Put laundry dryer sheets in your boat; such as bounce and you will never have mice in your boat; the furry friends hate these strips;

  6. Mike
    Mike says:

    Can anyone explain how mice get in my boat sitting in a sheet rocked garage at least a foot away from the walls. Nothing hanging over the sides that they could climb on. That leaves varnished sides and stern. Can mice fly?
    Mike D

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