Tampa Thunderbolt For Sale On eBay!

There she is!

If you are in the market for a worthy project, THIS IS ONE OF THEM! Hands down one of the dream boats, a 1937 Thunderbolt. Looks like a project stopped in the middle, new chrome, engine rebuilt, and looks like has all the parts. Which is a big deal on these.

Sorry about the pink name!

The shipyard would be worth a trip to see for sure in Tampa. I always find it interesting when shipyards have boats like this. They are a specialty in the small world of wood boats. And based on the amount of detail needed to restore one of these, I would make sure who ever does the “Easy Restore” that every detail be known. Yes down to the correct screws, zipper manufacturer, the correct everything. There is no point of restoring such a rare boat in a “personal” way. No adlibbing.

Dash detail

Regardless, here is your chance to be in control of such a task. To be honest, If I didn’t have 5 boats, and it was a little less, I would have pulled the trigger after a road trip! This is a bucket list boat for sure, and would occupy at least a year worth of stories. Is $25K right for this?

Odd finish on the sides.


Engine. I would double tripple check to see if its the original engine

Your future!

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  1. Flash
    Flash says:

    Jack Schneiberg is in the middle of restoring one of these and it is shaping up to be beyond beautiful. Such awesome lines on these boats.

    • Jack Schneiberg
      Jack Schneiberg says:

      The one I am working on is a 1938 and so it is 15′ in length. This 37 hull is 14′ in length and somewhat different in design.

      • Jack Schneiberg
        Jack Schneiberg says:

        Hullsides are black in 38-39-40. Not many made. I do agree it is a worthy project. Look back on this site for an article on “Emily” which is a similar hull to this one. Another picture of ours with 1st coat of black

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    “Is $25K right for this?”

    Anything is worth what a buyer and seller will agree on. Just this week I heard of a 30′ Ray Hunt CC that sold for 12K while others of the same model are out there going for over 100K. Go figure. I am glad I did not hear about it before it sold, they are AWSOME boats.

  3. Fred Bursch
    Fred Bursch says:

    Considering that the engine is rare and has been rebuilt, the chrome redone and virtually all parts are there, the $25k seems reasonable.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    cool boat looks a lot like my Argentine race boat with its very cool flathead V8 and lines like a Riva….hull shapes similar….fun just to look at…but I am Going Boating…as soon as this constant fricking rain stops.

    John in Va

  5. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    FYI 1937 Century Thunderbolts were constructed with Philippine Mahogany not African as advertised on eBay.

  6. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    The engine hatch is one of the coolest features on this boat. AND ITS MISSING! May need a little downward price adjusting.

  7. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    I would love a new project like this one but that’s much to high for what it still needs. What would it be worth as a completed project is the big question…

    • Maury Debell
      Maury Debell says:

      Top Rare collector boats like this one sell by desirability and some speculation on the finished value, not to say that all rare boats are desirable, and thus affecting there price. Some folks think that all pattern boats should be of similar value but that’s not the case, goes more by what similar boats have sold for and market interest….

  8. tom
    tom says:

    cool boat,great project.is there anything about the engine hatch that would be impossible to find? is it all wood? if so, it could be reproduced,right?motor may have been rebuilt,but looks like s–t.looks like a victim of Florida’s salt air.finished boat could be a real show stopper. time and money, that’s all it takes.

    • Maury Debell
      Maury Debell says:

      Well I wouldn’t worry about the engine hatch on such a rare old boat, would just be esctactic to have a shot a such a rare boat. Especially when most of it’s there…That’s just me…

  9. Maury Debell
    Maury Debell says:

    Wondering if that’s the same thunderbolt that was on my lake, lake Orion, Mi, that sat in a boat house with O interest for quite a few years as a derelict, transom in the water. Then when collecting started the owner decided to sell but not to me she wanted it out of the area. A friend of mine bought it, later sold it to another collector, and last I heard it was sold to a collector in Tampa. As I recall it had yellow bow like that and the 4 cyl engine…Side note: a few years later I was able to buy a 16′ thunderbolt that had controls moved to a front cockpit. I later sold it. Mahogany Speedboats…

  10. Paul Miklos
    Paul Miklos says:

    This boat first appeared in the early ’80s shortly after my dad had gotten his. It was in Clarkston, MI. The then owners sent him pictures as it has a few serious differences from how it should have been, but is a largely untouched hull. The boat is actually a 1931 as that was the only year it had the Universal engine and it should have low hatches, no humps, not that difficult to replicate. If anybody is seriously considering going for this I’d be glad to discuss the claims within the seller’s description.

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